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What is Boombox?

BoomBox is an immersive rhythm VR game featuring a large catalogue of high-energy songs, a variety of environments, and a complimentary pool of songs for the creative community. Challenge yourself through drumming and obstacles, improving your skill as you conquer levels of varying difficulty.

Customize the gameplay to your liking: it could be a fitness routine, a dance fest, or even a way to improve your drumming skills. With BoomBox, you don’t just play within the confines of the game – you make the game! Feeling creative? Think outside the box and design new maps through our intuitive editor.

Exercise, play, and compete on the global leaderboard to be the next champion!

Review our updates tab for the latest game development news, and don’t forget to get the game on Steam or App Lab!

If you have any questions check our FAQ tab or contact us.