Welcome to BoomBox - the VR Rhythm Game with a cat!

Dance, exercise, create your own maps, connect with BoomBox community and be the leaderboard champion!

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Lots of custom maps

BoomBox is the first VR game that allows downloading community maps directly from the game on all VR headsets!
Our Editor (BoomMapper, available on this website) is easy to use and very flexible. There are 500+ DMCA-songs already pre-loaded for easy mapping.


BoomBox prepared lots of customizations: skins for your pet and drumsticks, multiple environments and achievements.


Drum, dance and exercise – BoomBox is a physically intense game. 

Cyberspline Games Team

BoomBox is not just a game – it’s a journey that we explore together with you!

We are well connected with our community to create games together!


Don’t see the environment that you like? Propose your own on our Discord!

BoomBox reviews

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our community says:

In My Top 3 VR Rhythm Games. Easily.
I got this game on a whim after searching thru all the rhythm games and demos on App Lab. Wow am I glad I did. I come from playing arcade rhythm games like Chunithm and Wacca, so I expect a bit of polish on the rhythm games I enjoy. This game is one of the only games on VR that has made me get straight into the Flow State that rhythm games do when they’re fun and challenging. I did have to tweak my offset a bit (highly recommend upping the note distance a bit first THEN raising or lowering your audio offset slowly till you hit that sweet spot) but once that small one time step was done, I instantly fell in love. You can use the stats after each song to see exactly how much to change the offset too! It is VERY detailed. The game is fun. Very much so. I have to say this is in my top 3 VR Rhythm Games (With Beat Saber and Audio Trip) and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes those games. What’s the cherry on top? Custom songs IN THE GAME, that’s right: no complicated way of adding customs for this game. Wow, that might just push it up the list even more. Just go play it!!


Quest Store

This is over all an amazing game. It’s like Beat Saber but the bottom notes are all resets. What cool about this game is that instead of needing a computer to download custom songs, you can just download them in the game, no pc needed what so ever.


Quest Store

Honestly the best VR rhythm game I’ve played so far. It’s like a mix of drumming and raving and dancin and glowstix and cute cats worth worth much fun



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