A journey to the Steam Game Festival…

A journey to the Steam Game Festival…

It’s been a fantastic time for us, the team was able to show BoomBox to the public for the first time.
We were really nervous but excited at the same time after so much hard work!… but let’s go back to pre-festival time:

-Friday 29 January: We shared BoomBox with our first group of beta testers. We worked so hard and tried to squeeze everything into the game, we ended up including so many features that nothing properly worked in the end. The first round of testing was considered a failure… our team was devastated!

-Sat 30 January: We had a call with the team to discuss whether we should work all weekend and try to fix the game, or to let it go and not participate. While the Community Manager was lying depressed on the couch, the Producer gathered the spirit of the team, and together, worked non stop to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

-Mon 1 February: We submitted the build to Steam hoping to get it approved.

-Tue 2 February: The build gets rejected because there were a few missing details. We fixed the build and submitted it again.

-Wed 3 February (morning): BoomBox’s page is on Steam Festival, but the demo was not included… the team is waiting… our first feedback received: “there is no demo”. In the early afternoon, our demo is approved! But the page disappears… we messaged Steam asking to put it back. They do so within 10 mins and WE ARE LIVE!

Overall, the rest of the festival went amazing: we’ve met so many new friends, our Discord is nice and active, it feels like such a privilege being a VR developer because of the amazing community. We were featured in 2 blog posts and multiple videos. Check them out below.*

Thank you ALL for the support, for your love and feedback! You guys are priceless, and we hope to make you proud!

Our results from the Steam Festival: 3311 Downloads and 560 Wishlists. And what matters, even more, is the supportive community that we were able to create.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

*BoomBox appears in:



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