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Cyberspline Games

Release date:

June 11th 2021


VR only

Current Price:
$19.99 USD






Drum to the rhythm of the music in VR with Pupa the cat! Visit beautiful environments, play with friends in multiplayer, easily download community levels, and unlock items through challenges to customize your cat and your experience in Boombox!


Cyberspline Games is a Canadian-based and owned start-up gaming company located in Vancouver. Our core team graduated from Vancouver Film School [Game design program] in summer 2019, and being gamers our whole life, we decided to follow our passion and create our own gaming company! After working on the game for about a year without any compensation, we finally were able to get support from Canada Media Fund, IBM startup program, University of British Columbia, Vancouver Film School, IRAP and we partnered with FiXT music, Camellia and many other musicians to create an immersive and active VR game called BoomBox.


  • 28 songs mapped with various difficulties for every kind of skill, crafted by the expert mappers from the Atlas Rhythm team, plus a never-ending number of custom maps from our amazing Community.
  • 380+ DMCA-free songs for the community mapping; the community maps available for download directly from the game.
  • Multiplayer: Compete with your friends in online matches!
  • Achievements, Skins, and other customization options.
  • 16 [Quest] or 20 [Steam] unique designed environments to adventure.
  • Editor: plenty of features for the community to map with the Editor built by our Dev. team.
  • Local and Global Leaderboards: compete with players from all over the world.
  • Meet Pupa: our lovely kitty will be part of your amazing adventures, don’t forget to pet her!

Core Team:

  • Luca Cresciullo – Founder & Producer
  • Ekaterina Nosova –CEO & Partnerships & Marketing
  • Antoine Bachelet – Lead Programmer
  • Cameron Grant – Back-end Developer
    * * *
  • Bruno Arturo Costa Hernández – Sr. Programmer
  • Deny Senesouma – Programmer 
  • Alberto Valdez – Music Composer & Sound Designer
  • Mariana Hernández –UI/UX Developer, Graphic Designer & 2D Artist
  • Diego González López – Programmer
  • Kiana Delsouz – 3D Environment Artist
  • Francesco Di Santi – QA Testing and Feedback Manager
  • Alexandro “Flee” Rodriguez – Jr. Programmer

Contractors and Consultants:

  • Jacob Keen – Sr. Programmer
  • Lucile Thyrard – 3D Artist
  • Gerard Belenguer Prous – Technical Artist
  • Saige Baker – 2D/3D artist and Animation of Pupa Cat
  • Mike Hayes – Game Art Consultant

Funding and Support:

  • BoomBox has been funded by Canada Media Fund [CMF]
  • BoomBox has been supported by The National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program [IRAP]


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