How do I contact BoomBox about business opportunities?
Get in touch with us at games@cyberspline.com or use the contact form on this website
What platforms will BoomBox be available on?
Available on Steam and Oculus through AppLab or Sidequest
If I make maps with copyrighted songs, will they be considered cleared by Boombox?
No, if you upload copyrighted music that you don’t own for your map it will be removed from the server. If you’re the creator of the music you can share it with the mapping community by going to the music section of this website.
FiXT Music
If you see that your YouTube video has a claim on it – there is no strike or negative impact on your channel. This is the expected result of their music being uploaded on YouTube. Please, do not ‘dispute’ it.

However, we can also add certain channels to FiXT white list to accommodate with releasing such claims, they can do so on individual videos or for the key channels we can set up through white-lists, but we want to minimize # of requests.

In general, if you are not monetizing your channel, the claim can just stay on and it doesn’t harm anything. If you want to Monetize your channel though, FiXT can make available their subscription program where you can pay a monthly fee to have your channel whitelisted, and have access to their entire catalogue of original music to use in your YouTube videos, and have a user/login to browse and download their music to use. FiXT is currently testing that between a $15 – $30/month fee, but could offer people coming in through Boombox a discount and do it at $10/month or $100/year.

How do I access the map editor?
The Editor is available on this website for download for FREE, create a BoomBox account to use the online features.
Mapping with multiple difficulties
Extract the .bom files with 7zip/WinRAR etc.. Copy paste one of the difficulty box files, edit the copied box file with a text editor like Notepad++ and change the difficulty name to whatever difficulty and save the file. Then rename the box file name to the appropriate difficulty then rezip the file and put the extension as .bom again instead of .zip
LIV integration
We have Manual LIV right now, and we are working on its performance, join our discord for more information.
To set up your in-game Twitch chat, launch the game once and enable the Twitch chat in the Advanced Settings (where your Spectator camera is) to generate the necessary config files, then visit this page for further instructions https://www.boomboxvr.com/twitch-token/
AND Don’t forget to also include your Twitch channel name in the .ini file.
BoomBox Wiki
Consult our Wiki page for more infos about the scoring system, achievements, mapping and much more! https://wiki.boomboxvr.com/
Custom maps on Quest
Maps made using our pool of music for official community mapping can be published to our servers to be downloaded directly in game. You can also save a map locally as a .bom file and can sideload it onto the quest through sidequest

If you have any other questions or have a business inquiry don’t hesitate to email us at info@cyberspline.com or join our Discord