Here you can download the Boombox editor!

The latest version is 1.0.14, check the patch notes below to see what’s been added!

To be able to submit maps and access our music pool you’ll need to create an account

Not sure of how to map? Here’s a tutorial for you to get familiarized with our editor!


Settings are automatically saved between runs.
(The settings file is named “userConfig.bb” and is saved in %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\cyberspline\boombox-editor)
– All volume values (music, metronome, and notes)
– Zoom (Scale)
– Metronome and note sound
– Copy-paste options (walls only, notes only)
– Invert camera options
– Note colours

Bug Fixes:
– Saving a difficulty with the same name as an existing difficulty in a .bom file in not permitted
– More integrity checks for opening invalid .bom files