The latest version is 1.0.14, check the patch notes below to see what’s been added!
To be able to submit maps and access our music pool you’ll need to create an account

*Learn more about BoomMapper on our GIT

Not sure of how to map? Here’s a tutorial for you to get familiarized with our editor!

ALT + ENTER to make it full screen or get out of fullscreen
ALT + ROLL(on your mouse pressed) + rotate = Rotate the map / view (edited)
SPACE = start / stop music
ROLL MOUSE = to move forward / back
SHIFT + CLICK + DELETE key: to cancel notes
To install a map manually with the bom file: open it in the editor or drag it into your songs folder
Best tool to find BPM: Multiply that BPM by 2 (as it gives half BPM)
Click on “BPM Block” and use + or – to adjust BPM