VRTO 2021 partecipation and Forbes mention

We are so thrilled and honoured to be part of the VRTO 2021 (Virtual reality and Augmented Reality World Conference) where we will be discussing along with some of the major VR creators out there.

It really is an awesome feeling being able to be recognized and invited to such a big event with so many experts sharing knowledge and ideas about the beautiful VR world.

The participation at this fantastic event even earned us a mention on the Forbes website:

“The International Symposium on Immersive Media Arts & Technologies running June 2-8th. This unique event is known for its interactive sessions & workshops, networking, & virtual world-hopping to custom spaces curated & crafted by international thought leaders. In addition to Micro-Summits on the Digital Asset Economy, advancements in Virtual Production & Humans, and Accessibility considerations, VRTO will bring together top developers of t popular titles like Audio Trip, BoomBox, Until You Fall, and Synth Rider.”

*Link to the Forbes article here https://www.forbes.com/sites/charliefink/2021/05/21/this-week-in-xr-snaps-new-specs-googles-starline-telepresence-walmart-acquires-zeekit-for-ar-try-ons/?sh=3fddc6635586

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